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We've helped catalyze numerous agri-tech innovations.

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You are here because you are looking to initiate or deliver an innovation to agriculture. 

A hackathon provides a space to put varying stakeholder agendas together in a pressure cooker format. 

A FarmHack is a process that ignites collaborative solutions -preferably on farm. At our hackathons we foster collaborations between tech entrepreneurs, farmers and domain experts, to wrangle data, build APIs and prototypes, in order to deliver better tech for farmers and a sustainable food system.



Benefits and Deliverables

•   Farmer-centric solutions

•   Peer-to-peer learning

•   Stakeholder collaborations

•   Accelerated innovation


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“Holy moly, how is this possible. You put some data, challengers and hackers together and it happens. Every time again. This one was a pearl however. Thanks organizers. This is it! ”

Marcel van Mackelenberg (Linked Open Data Hacker)

Testimonial-Nanne Sterenborg.jpg

"I think the farmers now want to take the next step and make use of the possibilities that precision farming provides. This was the reason for us to do a FarmHack at our farm. It was very nice and has delivered us a lot. "

Nanne Sterenborg (Arable Farmer)

Testimonial-Will Kroot.jpg

"Agriculture needs to learn to share, at all levels. FarmHack is able to get the right parties together and get to work constructively"

Will Kroot (CTO, VAA ICT Consultancy)


"There is a necessity to transform farmers from passive end-users of technology to active creators of the digital strategy of their farm."

Anne Bruinsma



Example-Rewarding Nature.png

Rewarding Nature Hack

April 2018


Big Data for Bees Hack

December 2018


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