Smart Agri Hubs (SAH)

We are proud partners of the EU project Smart Agri Hubs (SAH). SAH "aims to realize the digitization of European agriculture by fostering an agricultural innovation ecosystem" (SAH, 2019).

FarmHack is a registered Digital Innovation Hub and Flagship Innovation Experiment. Moreover, FarmHack is part of Work Package 2 which aims to perform network expansion by open calls.

We will contribute to the network expansion by developing, executing and refining peer-to-peer education methods, that will help mobilize and engage the farming community and it’s supporting IT community of service providers. This will be done by organizing targeted events like hackathons, and online, by guiding community leaders through available online channels and dedicated learning material such as this Hackathon Toolkit.

Part of the Smart Agri Hubs projects and pan-european initiatives was the AgriTechHack in Bulgaria. Where FarmHack gave a Bulgarian ag-precision training company then know how and how to organize their very first hackathon. We accomplished this with the materials assembled in this toolkit.  

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Peer to Peer Learning

At FarmHack we believe in and make use of the peer-to-peer approach to tackle challenges on the farm. A peer-to-peer learning environment is achieved when we :

  1. hyper-connect knowledge and people

  2. allow for self-direction

  3. are adaptive and responsive in establishing goals

In this light we make it an important part of any hackathon to offer participants the opportunity to team up with domain experts and mentors that during the hackathon have the role of peers.

Together they will be working together to “assemble the collective wisdom that is necessary to  accomplish learning outcomes” (Source, 2018). We often collaborate with our partner Source Institute for training on peer-to-peer methods and for the provision of mentors supporting participants throughout the hackathon challenges.