Big Data for Bees Hack

Large scale hack.

100 people.

(Inter)national issues.

Prototyping includes gaming and decision support systems.

Hackers dived into the systematic and structural possibilities of improving the  pollinator habitat in support of the “National Bee Strategy” goals. 

Machine Data Hack

Small scale hack.

1 farmer 4 teams. 

On farm targeted issues.

Prototyping with software but also hardware... all open source!

A hackathon created to motivate the increase in interchangeability and ease of use of tractor data.

Agri-Tech Hack (BG)

Mid-sized hack.

70 people. 

International hack based on pan-european collaboration part of the Smart Agri Hubs project.

A first of its kind zoom into the agri tech sector in Bulgaria. An initial mobilization of hackers towards agri. Ideas originating at hack can be followed up by local Digital Innovation Hubs.

Rewarding Nature Hack

Large-scale hack at a conference.

National problematic.

Prototyping involves remote sensing with radar.

An exploration of how grassland management practices can contribute to enriching biodiversity by including herbs. A test run of what data and tech can offer to reward farmers for their environmental performance.