Please find the Fast Track files as downloadable items. In the 'prototypeable spirit' of the Toolkit, we have created these in Google Drive so you can both read and fill-in the steps of your hackathon journey.

14 steps to plan your own hackathon

Read-Me Version

This is the 'mother document' providing a general framework for the organization of your event. It is meant as a quick overview for planning and timeboxing on a stage-by-stage basis.


Fill-Me Version

The planning and timeboxing document in a fill-in-the blanks mode. Write out your hack plan in a step by step basis.


The guide above, grants you access to our unique set of attachment files. Check out how a few of these files look like. Find many more in the guide.

Sample Attachments

Partners Deck

Used for pitching to partners the idea of an open innovation process (i.e. a hackathon) and what role they could take for the event (sponsor, challenger, donor).


Jury Scorecard

Used this form to evaluate the teams after they have completed their pitch based on an agreed set of criteria.

Participant Mailing

Send this email to your participants two days before the hack informing them about important logistical considerations.


Download all

Download the Fast Track read me and fill me documents along with all the associated attachments as a zip file.