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We've helped catalyze numerous agri-tech innovation initiatives. Our proven FarmHack formula can help jumpstart yours too.



You are here because you are looking to initiate or deliver an innovation to agriculture.

This can either relate to efficiency, cost prize, or scale. But also we are looking to agriculture to help solve complex issues around soils, biodiversity, clean water and air.

These challenges typically involve multiple stakeholders and unaligned (varying) agendas. 

Any type of innovation will start and finish with farmers adopting it. Farmers are the ultimate ‘must see it to believe it’ group .

Here, data and technology and open innovation processes can help! -keep scrolling :)


A hackathon provides a space to put all these agendas together.


A Farm Hack

A space & process that ignites collaborative solutions -preferably on farm

FarmHack deliverables:

  • Curation of ag-tech challenges.

  • Farmer-centric solutions.

  • Mobilization of tech talent.

  • Collaboration between a range of stakeholders.

  • Community building.




“Holy moly, how is this possible. You put some data, challengers and hackers together and it happens. Every time again. This one was a pearl however. Thanks organizers. This is it! ”

Marcel van Mackelenberg (Linked Open Data Hacker)

Testimonial-Nanne Sterenborg.jpg

"I think the farmers now want to take the next step and make use of the possibilities that precision farming provides. This was the reason for us to do a FarmHack at our farm. It was very nice and has delivered us a lot. "

Nanne Sterenborg (Arable Farmer)

Testimonial-Will Kroot.jpg

"Agriculture needs to learn to share, at all levels. FarmHack is able to get the right parties together and get to work constructively"

Will Kroot (CTO, VAA ICT Consultancy)


When to do a hackathon?

A hackathon format becomes interesting when you are facing these situations:

  1. When in the middle of a (stagnant) problem; when you are talking in circles.

  2. When you want to bring practicality to the table, or new and tangible focus to the debate.

  3. When the solution is dependent on collaboration of others and there are many stakeholders involved.

  4. When there are insecurities or mistrust regarding the possibilities of technology.


Why a hackathon?

Building is not the same as talking. Talk brings abstraction and complexity. By building something in an app or website interface, you materialize your ideas. Do rather than talk. We <3 pragmatism.

Switch up a 6 person meeting to a 6 person hacking. In a hackathon CEOs collide with data scientists. Researchers with creative designers. Government officials with back-end developers. All in one table for +30 coding hours (while having snacks, coffee and yes beers:). This is a recipe for a jumpstart! It can catapult your collaborative solution to the next level.

A hackathon is a neutral space for diverse groups of people to join in. They collaborate as peers committed to solve one problem. This is a natural setting for people to trust each other. Particularly useful for farmers who are sometimes wary of the vendor dominated software/technology environments.


A hackathon is:

A hackathon is a process for rapid prototyping and development of data-driven solutions; a highly energetic and effective pressure cooker. Hackathons are a means to encourage collaboration, knowledge exchange and cooperation to help find innovative uses of data.

This event typically lasts several days (32-48hrs) and a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

With FarmHack.NL we have taken this format to the farm. It's not just about people who understand data, code and technology - it gets exciting when you bring them together with farmers and people with domain knowledge. We bring these parties together.


"There is a necessity to transform farmers from passive end-users of technology to active creators of the digital strategy of their farm."

Anne Bruinsma


Interested in organizing your own hack?



Check what we have done in the past to learn about the organization process but also to inspire your topic selection.

Example-Rewarding Nature.png

Rewarding Nature Hack

April 2018


Big Data for Bees Hack

December 2018


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