DIY Hack Toolkit


Because we understand that not everybody wants or needs to read the full story, we have broken down the toolkit in two routes. We offer you a Fast-Track, which covers the basic necessities. It is as short as we could make it, it focuses on the operations. And we offer you a Slow-Track. In offers you more insights, arguments and support.

Choose this track if you are a seasoned hackathon organizer or simply time pressured and in need to get the hackathon done. It is a basic step-by-step planning and timeboxing guide. You will miss out on our FarmHack spice, so we dare you to also check out the Slow Track.

Take the Slow Track if you want a full immersion into the FarmHack-how&why-to. We provide background and context, and challenge you with important questions to consider along the way. We guide you through our breakdown and explanation of the full hackathon life-cycle, which contains six distinct phases.